Historic, but not famous

Alfredo Thiebaud

Alfredo Thiebaud (December 13, 1939 – September 19, 2014) was the founder and president of Delicioso Coco Helado, known for its coconut flavored ices. He was born in Honduras in 1939. By the 1960s he had immigrated to the Bronx and opened the business that recreated a dessert popular in Latin America and the Caribbean. The business started in the kitchen of his  apartment. He would eventually added more flavors such as cherry and mango.

Alfredo employed workers and supplied vendors with pushcarts that he built himself in his factory basement. These employees became his family, as well as the Bronx community and the organizations that he supported. He often donated his icy treats to neighborhood festivals and borough events. He was known for never saying no to anyone, remaining in the Bronx and selling ices on the streets even during the worst years when most people and companies were fleeing the area.

Mr. Thiebaud’s faith in the Bronx had helped revitalize a declining neighborhood and provided thousands of families with much-needed jobs over the years. He died at the factory he loved after an accident with an electric security gate.

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