Historic, but not famous

Annie Walsh (Battle Annie)

Annie Walsh (Battle Annie) was often called the Queen of Hell’s Kitchen. She was one of the most feared brick hurlers of her time and was the head of the women’s Gopher gang, part of the famous Gopher gang of the area. the Lady Gophers, headquartered at Mallet Murphy’s Battle Row saloon (on 39th street btwn 10th and 11th Ave)  where they were officially known as the Battle Row Ladies’ Social and Athletic Club. She was able to assemble a force from 50 up to several hundred women who, armed with clubs, were used as reserve members in gang fights against rival gangs and police.

Walsh and her group were also hired out by businesses and labor unions throughout a number of violent labor disputes during the 1870s. Almost every prominent gang of the early and mid 1800s had a women’s branch. Some of the women were more brutal than the men’s gang.

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