Historic, but not famous

Anthony Bleecker, lawyer and author

Anthony Bleecker (October 1770 – 13 March 1827) was a lawyer and author who was a friend of writer Washington Irving and poet William Cullen Bryant. He was born in New York City, the son of Anthony Lispenard Bleecker, one of the wealthiest and most influential citizens in 18th century New York, and for whom Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village was named.

Bleecker graduated from Columbia University (1791) and studied law, but rarely practiced as he was self conscious about speaking in public. For some thirty years he was a contributor of prose and verse to periodicals published in New York City and Philadelphia and was famous for his puns. Among his works is Jungfrau Spaiger’s Apostrophe to Her Cat.

Mr. Bleecker was one of the founders of the New York Historical Society and a member of its first standing committee. The New York Historical Society set standards for historic research and archiving throughout museums, libraries and societies in the United States.

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