Carroll Gardens Walking Tour

Carroll Gardens is one of Brooklyn’s most historic Italian enclaves. The neighborhood retains its old world charm but is now also a popular area for families looking for a kid-friendly community with a hip vibe.

This tour takes you on a leisurely stroll through the gardens, parks, churches, brownstones and shops that make Carroll Gardens the charming community that it is.

The area that is considered Carroll Gardens today, was named for Charles Carroll, who was the only Roman Catholic to sign the Declaration of Independence. Originally from Maryland, Carroll was part of the troops that defended the “Old Stone House at Gowanus” during the Battle of Long Island.

The first immigrants to arrive in the area after the Dutch and English were the Irish, then Norwegians and Italian. Most immigrants started coming in around the mid-1800s because of new work along the waterfront in Red Hook and the Brooklyn Navy Yards.

In 1846, surveyor Richard Butt planned for gardens in front of the brownstone houses in the oldest section of the neighborhood. The same year, a law was passed requiring that all area buildings between Henry Street and Smith Street have 33 feet 5.25 inches (10.1918 m) between the building and the street for “courtyards”. These large gardens still stand today and are synonymous with the area.

In addition to its history, Carroll Gardens today is home to amazing restaurants and eateries. Save some room for sampling tastes of Italy, Mexico, Spain, Southern cooking and more.

One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to Carroll Park named for the aforementioned Charles Carroll. Brooklyn’s third-oldest park is home to the bronze and granite Soldier and Sailors World War I Monument sculpted by Eugene H. Morahan in 1920.

The tour lasts approximately two hours. Price is $25 per person, but group rates can be discussed.

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