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Miracle on 34th Street – Brookdale Residents Hall

Yeshiva University has a residence hall (dormitory) on 34th Street. This dorm is for female students who share rooms and suites on the 20 floors of the building. Most of the students are freshman and sophomores. The University has dozens of residence halls for its students who combine their studies of science, medicine, law, business, liberal arts, and languages, with religious studies. Yeshiva College was founded originally as a religious seminary in 1896 and has become the most important institution in the United States for training Jewish secular and religious leaders for nearly 90 years. The University now has 5… Read More

Vanderbilt Hotel 1912
NYC by the Movies

Miracle on 34th Street – 4 Park Avenue – The Vanderbilt Hotel

At the southwest corner of 34th Street and Park Avenue sits a beautiful building under going renovation. The building opened in 1912 as the Vanderbilt Hotel. While the architecture firm of Warren and Wetmore were finishing up Grand Central Terminal for the Vanderbilt family, they were asked to start another project, a grand hotel. The facade was to use traditional English design, but the firm snuck in quite a few flourishes, including terracotta lions and depictions of Bacchus. The inside remained true to the style of Wedgwood and Chippendale traditions. The hotel was said to be fireproof. The 4th day… Read More

Right Light
NYC by the Movies

Miracle on 34th Street – Right Light Sculpture

A very life like sculpture of a painter stands on 34th Street between 3rd Avenue and Lexington outside a small public plaza. The sculpture is called ‘Right Light’ by Seward Johnson. The painter in the sculpture is rendering the scene in front of him. I can only imagine how many people have said “excuse me” after they bumped into him. The artist, John Seward Johnson, started as a painter, but switched to sculpture. He has more than 450 life sized bronze sculptures in collections and in cities throughout the world. His most famous sculpture is “Embracing Peace”, a casting of… Read More

NYU Cancer Center
NYC by the Movies

Miracle on 34th Street – NYU Cancer Center

NYU Langone Hospital has smaller clinics and centers throughout this area. At 160 E. 34th Street, you will find the Perlmutter Cancer Center. Not only does this center treat cancer, but it is a research and teaching facility. Their mission is to discover the origins of cancer and to change the societal strains that cancer can have on a patient and family. Their five primary research areas include cancer genome dynamics, cancer cell biology, melanoma, tumor immunology, and epidemiology and cancer control. They have 12 different disease management groups that work together to find the best solution for a specific… Read More