NYC by the Movies

Chinatown – Brooklyn – 50th to 55th Street

Macao Imperial Tea 54-01 8th ave

I went into this tiny store front and ordered the seasonal “Pink Girl” iced tea. This was frothy and sweet. There was no description, sometimes you just have to order by name. It turned out to be a blended strawberry milk tea with a fresh strawberry puree. It was pretty filling. Macao does a series of seasonal teas.  Right now they do have one of the VERY popular brown sugar milk teas that are popping up at many tea shops.

They have locations in Brooklyn, Flushing Queens, K-Town in Manhattan and soon in Chinatown in Manhattan.

Bubble Cha Cha 54-03 8th Ave

Small tea stall.

Kung Fu Tea 806 55th street

This is a chain of tea stores you can find almost anywhere in NYC. There are 30 throughout 4 boroughs, they haven’t gotten to The Bronx yet. They have so many types of tea styles and flavors, you should have no problem finding something you might like.  I’ll probably get a Brown Sugar Ginger next time I am near one.


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