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Chinatown – Irish and Dive bars

Had your fill of Asian cuisine? Want to have a conversation with a long time New Yorker over a beer or cocktail? Just looking for something a bit more familiar? Have no fear, there is an Irish or Dive bar in each of these Chinatowns.


fancier – Whiskey Tavern  79 Baxter Street

Across from the jail, you will find plenty of lawyers and city employees here. Upscale, a little more expensive than the other Manhattan option. This was filled at 3 in the afternoon. They have a full menu and some basic beers as well as some micro brews. Very friendly (bartenders and patrons), clean, and some pretty basic rock tunes. A bit less Irish, a hipster “dive” bar for people that wouldn’t want to get dirty. I ran into a very nice and talkative lawyer named Brian there. He seems to know everyone and will introduce you to someone there to have a conversation with if you are alone or appear to be alone.

divier – 169 Bar  169 Grand Street

Open since 1916 as the Bloody Bucket. One of the oldest original bars in the neighborhood. Sits on the Northern edge of Chinatown and the Southern edge of the Lower East Side. Lots of beer, draft, cans, cocktails, atmosphere. Most of the customers are on the “hipper” side of hipster. Not really clean, not really dirty. An experience to be had. Take a look around, the walls are covered with memorabilia. It was louder than the Whiskey Tavern, but still quiet enough to have a conversation in the afternoon. Maybe some day I will show up after dusk and check it out.


Kellys Bar Flushing QueensKellys bar 136-11 41st Ave

Just off of Main Street, pass the grocery store on the corner. Look close or you might miss it. Bartender is a New York character. Plenty of regulars drinking during the day. Cheap beer and basic cocktails. Not loud, not bright, great music. This is the only Irish bar in Flushing. A couple blocks from the subway. Worth a drop in.  They open at 10 am every day except Sunday where you have to wait until noon.  I had the Magner’s Cider on ice. I find it a “Must Stop” before that long train ride home to Brooklyn.


Soccer Tavern BrooklynSoccer Tavern

This 80 year old bar on 8th Ave was amazingly friendly.  Irish bar with an Irish Bartender. He wasn’t as old as the bar, but he had been there for as long as he could be.  Great pint of Guiness. The bartender is very proud of his Guiness pour and it was quite lovely. Lots of conversation. Day drinkers can watch game shows with the regulars on a giant screen. We all yelled out the answers together. One block from the subway station. AND the ladies room was clean and stocked!


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