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Chinatown – Manhattan – Pearl River Mart

Pearl River Mart (395 Broadway)

Pearl River Mart has moved a couple of times since I have lived in NYC and the current space takes up a couple of floors on Broadway and Walker, just a block below Canal Street. They have been around since 1971 and have locations at the Museum of Chinese in America and Chelsea Market as well. 

This is the place to go for Chinese slippers, Chinese styled jackets in beautiful colors, bowls and housewares, fun snacks and traditional Chinese foods and teas. The lower level is filled with statues, toys, curtains, fabrics and incense. 


The main floor is filled with clothing and housewares. Need a beautiful paper lantern or a Chinese style dragon, yep, they got that! Want to learn Mandarin or Cantonese? Book or audio? Into calligraphy or origami? They have your paper and pens right here. There is so much to see you will miss something. Worth multiple trips and a great place to buy a gift for yourself or someone else. You know you deserve a beautiful teacup or bowl that is all your own. 

They have an art gallery on the upper floor, inspired by the artists of the area. The installation changes frequently and they support various artists-in-residence. They also have a permanent installation that looks at 5 decades of Pearl River Mart through photos, newspaper clippings and artifacts.

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