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Chinatown – Queens – New York Food Court

New York Food Court was one of our first food court experiences. This is on Roosevelt Avenue about 3 blocks from the Main Street subway stop for the 7 train.

The food court has over 20 food stalls. We knew we wanted to try a variety of items, so we settled on a place that did things on a stick. Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles did a lot of really fun items besides noodles. Not only was there an amazing variety of items that were small and shareable, but almost every construction worker in the food court was ordering from this stall.

We tried bbq squid on a stick, chicken hearts on a stick, bbq tofu on a stick and a pork pun. I liked it all, I don’t think I would go with the squid again. The taste was good, but I felt like I was chewing for days. The chicken hearts were much much better than I anticipated. The tofu was my favorite. The flavor was strong, but not overwhelming and the texture was unexpected. The pork bun was quite good, but nothing special.

For drinks we went to Happy Lemon. These are all lemon based drinks. And like many drink places in Chinatown, the top was sealed with a special machine and poked with a straw. I had a lemon slushy and my eating partner (don’t eat all this alone people) ordered a Yakult Lemon Slushy. Yakult is a sweetened probiotic milk beverage fermented with the bacteria strain Lactobacillus paracasei Shirota, first isolated from the human intestine by Japanese scientist Minoru Shirota in the 1930s. (thanks Wikipedia). It was far better than that description would lead you to believe. It was really refreshing.

On a later trip we had Iced Tea from T’Baar. This is a chain with dozens of outposts in the neighborhood. It was fine.


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