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Chinatown – Queens – Super HK

The SuperHK Food Court sits downstairs from the SuperHK grocery store. This huge grocery store is on Main Street. You can find ingredients galore and plenty of packaged noodles (we picked up a few Ramen packs we were curious about), sauces, vegetables (fresh, frozen, canned) and teas among other items.

Walk downstairs (there are 2 entrances from the grocery store) to find about 20 food stalls. We had dumplings here. Dumpling Galaxy hopes to go National, but this is a small counter with about 100 different types of dumplings. You can see the woman hand-making dumplings behind the counter.

We ate Pork and Chive Pan Fried Dumplings. You get 15 dumplings for $8 – a  bargain. A pretty basic dumpling, we decided not to go to far out on the flavors so we could judge the dumpling compared to others we have had. I’ve had better dumplings, I’ve had worse. They weren’t special, they weren’t awful. Just dumplings. Next time I may try something a bit more adventurous, maybe the Preserved Egg with Pine Nut Dumplings. Or maybe I’ll try a dessert dumpling like Pumpkin w. Black Sesame Tang Yuan. You can find almost every meat, poultry, fish and vegetable in a dumpling. You can make up your own combos.

This food court is not modern or fancy. There is just a large variety of items at various stalls in a fairly quiet food hall. Tables and chairs are very utilitarian and designed for you to eat and leave. There is no expectation you are going to lounge around for a while.

If you are looking to get pretty good food quickly, this is possibly the place. Fewer tourists than other food halls, seems like most of the people are from the neighborhood.


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