City Hall Park and South Street Seaport Tour

City Hall Park and South Street Seaport Tour

No one can miss a visit to the Brooklyn Bridge, day or night, but there are two areas close to it that get bypassed by most tourists: City Hall Park and South Street Seaport. City Hall was finished in 1812 and ever since, it’s the only City Hall building in the U.S. that has uninterruptedly been so till the present.

There are many New York City landmarks and extraordinary new buildings surrounding the park. The park itself has a long history to talk about. Within a few blocks of the park, we’ll walk towards South Street Seaport, a historic district that dates to when New York was a Dutch colony, with marvelous views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. It’s now a hopping area with pedestrian streets, full of restaurants, pubs and shops, and the piers with roof-top parks. We also have discounted entrances to the relatively small South Street Seaport Maritime Museum, where we can guide you through the most interesting areas.  At the end of the tour, you’ll be right next to the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy on your own.


Days Offered: Mondays

Times: 10:00 am.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Cost per person: $30, including entrance to the museum

Length of tour distance: 0.6 miles


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