From Columbus to Lennon: The Upper West Side Tour

From Columbus to Lennon: The Upper West Side

Long history in a short walk. The tour starts at Columbus Circle, at the Time-Warner Towers, with its glitzy shopping mall and grand view of the western entrance to Central Park. Before getting to the Dakota Building and Strawberry Fields in Central Park, we’ll zig-zag you through the most magnificent “brownstone” rows of houses and mansions as well as mid- to late-nineteenth century architecture and major cultural institutions of the city. Most visitors wonder what’s worth seeing to the west of Central Park: a lot, and with this tour we’ll show you what marvels the Upper West Side holds.

Days Offered:Wednesdays

Times: 10:00 am.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Cost per person: $25

Length of tour distance: 1 mile

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