Historic, but not famous

Dr. Samuel Bradhurst, tried to prevent Hamilton-Burr duel

DrSamuel Bradhurst,  was born in 1749 and trained as a surgeon. During the American Revolution served at the Battles of Princeton and Brandy wine. In an encounter in mid-1777, while attending the wounded, he was captured by the British. It was then that he was placed under house arrest.

In 1799, he sold sixteen acres in Harlem Heights to Alexander Hamilton whose thirty-two acre estate would extend from what is now Hamilton Place on the west, to Hamilton Terrace on the east, and from 140′” to 147th Streets. Bradhurst was known as a friend to both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. In an attempt to keep the two from dueling, Bradhurst challenged Burr to a duel, but both Bradhurst and Burr escaped unscathed.

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  1. Nathalie Goldston

    Actually Dr. Bradhurst was wounded in the arm. He only told his son and one other person. He didn’t want his wife to know. A. Maunsell Bradhurst wrote about this in “Our Forefathers” which is in the New York Public Library. I am related to the Bradhursts.


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