Historic, but not famous

Elizabeth Jackson Sands, mother, wife, farm manager, agent

Elizabeth Jackson Sands, mother, wife, farm manager and agent in an undercover munitions ring run from her Port Washington property, from the Battle of Brooklyn through to her daring contraband shipment run across the Long Island Sound. With the help of her friends, family, military contacts and slaves, she balanced taking care of her family, raising her crops and cows, and running a contraband munitions smuggling ring out of her cellar and backyard for the Continental Army.

The Sands family was one of the original three families that settled in and owned what is now Sands Point, N.Y. Elizabeth married into the Sands family, wedding John Sands (1737-1811), the eldest of the sons. John served as a colonel during the Revolutionary War and was also a member of the New York State Assembly for Queens County, 1784 to 1785. Elizabeth and John has 10 children. Elizabeth served her country from her Brooklyn home while maintaining property and family while John traveled to battle points during the Revolution.

To learn more about Elizabeth and her heroics during the Revolutionary War, follow the play written by Sarah Lyons (actress, writer, tour guide) on Facebook.

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