Historic, but not famous

Henry Grashorn, hardware store owner

When you have a neighborhood full of amusements, carnival rides and arcades, you need someplace that has the nuts and bolts to make quick repairs. Grashorn Hardware in Coney Island was that place.

Today and the glory days gone by for the Grashorn building

In 1898, Henry Grashorn (1883 – 1939) changed a little hotel at Surf and Jones Streets into a hardware store that serviced 60 years of park repairmen. Henry Grashorn was a prominent Coney Island resident, serving as the Trustee to the Coney Island Hospital, director of the Coney Island Ban and founder and President of the Coney Island Mardi-Gras Association, of which the famous Coney Island Mermaid Parade is said to have been inspired by. Mr. Grashorn saw the future of Coney Island in amusements and promoted the neighborhood as a place for fun as often as possible.

The Grashorn building is rundown and may be torn down, but has been in movies like Men In Black 3.


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