Historic, but not famous

Hippolyte Havel, writer, anarchist

Hippolyte Havel (1871–1950) was a anarchist from Czechoslovakia. He was friends with Emma Goldman. He lived in Greenwich Village, which he declared to be “a spiritual zone of mind”. When young, he had been imprisoned by the Austria-Hungary government for his anarchistic activities and declared insane. He was imprisoned, eventually moved from the insane asylum to a regular prison and escaped to England. Ms. Goldman brought him to NYC.

Mr. Havel was married to the anarchist Polly Holliday, who with him ran a restaurant on Washington Square in Greenwich Village frequented by radicals and artists. He worked there as a waiter, often calling customers “bourgeois pigs”. His rants attracted many people to the restaurant.

When not at the restaurant, he wrote a biography of Emma Goldman and an introductory essay to her collected Anarchism and Other Essays. He was also friends with Eugene O’Neill, who based the character Hugo Kalmar of The Iceman Cometh on him.

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