Historic, but not famous

Leonard Eppig, brewery owner

Leonard Eppig (March 4, 1839-April 9, 1893) was born in Grosswallstadt, Bavaria. He came to New York on the S.S. Rotterdam and settled in Brooklyn at the age of 15. He learned to brew while working for Michael Seitz, a Brooklyn brewer.

In 1866, he and a partner formed the Hubert Fischer & Leonhard Eppig Brewery. Ten years later, he bought out his partner and it became simply the Leonard Eppig Brewing Co., but traded under the name Germania Brewery. The brewery was located at Central and George streets. His firm was noted for continually improving or adopting the latest technologies in brewing, to increase quality and output.

He and his family, including 8 children, lived in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. An area known for its breweries. He built houses in the area lived in by his staff and commercial property to improve the neighborhood.

When Eppig died, his sons continued running the brewery until it was closed down by prohibition in 1920. They reopened the brewery after repeal, but in 1935 sold it to George Ehret Brewery.

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