Historic, but not famous

Louis Allmendinger, architect, Mathews Model Flats

Louis Allmendinger, architect, designed and developed housing  in 1908 and 1911, setting the standard for future tenement construction. The homes  are characterized by three-story tenement buildings featuring yellow and orange Kreischer-brick facades, stone details, pressed-metal cornices, and ironwork at the stoops and area-ways. They are prevalent in Long Island City, Ridgewood and Woodside Queens. The buildings, known as “Mathews Model Flats,”  (built by Gustave X. Matthews) at a cost of $8000 each. They constituted better-quality housing than previous tenement models, providing larger rooms and private bathrooms.

The tenements attracted working-class German immigrants from nearby Bushwick, Williamsburg, and the Lower East Side. Tenements/Flats had been known for their poor living conditions. Allmendinger, working with Matthews, changed the face of lower income housing in the outer boroughs of NYC.

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