Historic, but not famous

Maria Hernandez, activist

Maria Hernandez lived in Bushwick Brooklyn and fought against drug dealers in the neighborhood. Maria was born in Brooklyn in 1953 and lived in Bushwick until 1989. She was educated at public schools in the borough and went to New York University for Accounting.

Maria Hernandez and her husband tried to evict drug dealers from her neighborhood of Bushwick. They tried to stop them by rallying support for their efforts and educating her neighbors about the need to evict the drug dealers. She organized block parties and community gatherings.

On August 8, 1989 Maria was shot 5 times through her window in her apartment on Starr Street, later dying of her wounds. Due to her brave and committed role in the community, the park in Bushwick was renamed in her honor. Her efforts have made a real difference in the Bushwick neighborhood which is now considered a very desirable place to live.

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