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Miracle on 34th Street – Madison Belmont Building

Madison Belmont BuildingThe Madison Belmont Building was built in 1924 on the corner of Madison and 34th Street. It was designed by the architects Warren and Wetmore, designers of the New York Yacht Club, Grand Central Terminal, New York Central Building (aka Helmsley Building), Steinway Hall, Aeolian, and Heckscher Building (aka Crown Building). They also designed buildings throughout the United States.

The Madison Belmont Building was built for the Cheney Brothers Silk Company, the country’s largest silk mill at the time. The Orange-bricked Renaissance Revival style includes many Art Deco elements, and was one of the first buildings in the United States to do so. The building is 17 stories high. An 18th floor was added in the 1950s. The first 3 floors are framed in iron and bronze around the showroom windows, as well as the entrance doors and grilles.

Madison Belmont building doorway

The first floors are rented retail. Higher floors are office space.

The building was designated both an Individual and Interior (1st floor lobby) Landmark in 2011.


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