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New addition to the New York Historical Society

New York City’s oldest museum has a new wing.

On April 29th, the New York Historical Society introduced its newly renovated 4th floor known as the Henry Luce III Center.

One of the highlights of the new floor is the Center for Women’s History. Surprisingly, the NYHS is the first museum in the country to have a space solely dedicated to women’s roles in history. The exhibits will focus on contributions that women have made both in New York and nationally. In a press release the museum explained the new wing as an area where visitors can discover the “often-overlooked stories of women who transformed our American history and our lives today.”

One of the first exhibits is called Saving Washington and focuses on former first lady Dolley Madison.

Also on view are items donated by tennis great Billie Jean King including racquets, photographs and more. The exhibit focuses on King’s fight for women’s rights and equal pay.

There’s also a gallery featuring 100 Tiffany lamps created by Clara Driscoll over a century ago.

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