Historic, but not famous

Oliver Dyer – inventor of shorthand

Oliver Dyer (April 26, 1824 – January 13, 1907) was an American journalist, author, teacher, lawyer and stenographer. He invented a shorthand system that was the first widely used stenography system in the United States. He developed the system to make it easier for him to take notes during political conventions and interviews. He eventually became the first Congressional shorthand reporter.

Dyer also had a successful career as a columnist for a number of popular publications, such as the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York Ledger and The Sun, during the 1850s and 60s. He was prominent among the reformers who campaigned against the various saloons, clubs and other “immoral establishments” of New York’s underworld. His 1868 expose of John Allen caused the saloon keeper to become infamously known as “the wickedest man in New York” and forced to close his dance hall.

Mr. Dyer died in 1907 from Bronchitis.

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