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Welcome to We Can Tour That! We offer tours throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn and we can customize a tour for you. Let us know how we can help you discover more about this amazing city.

Chinatown – Manhattan – Hong Kong Supermarket

Hong Kong Supermarket (157 Hester Street) A supermarket? One of the coolest supermarkets in NYC. Need fresh fish? They have that. A unique sauce you haven’t been able to find for that Asian inspired recipe? They have that. Durian or Dragon Fruit? Of Course that is there!  Noodles, sauces, mushrooms for dinner? Find it in aisle… Hmmm, the organization of shelves is a bit odd for someone used to an American grocery, but the wander is very fun. You’ll eventually find it, just enjoy yourself while looking for it.  If it can be pickled, canned, pasted, it is there.  You… Read More

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Chinatown – Manhattan – Yunhong Chopsticks

Yunhong Chopsticks (50 Mott Street) New York City is filled with specialty shops. There are stores that only sell pencils, cookbooks,  buttons, hot sauce, the list goes on. One of my favorite specialty shops in Chinatown is Yunhong Chopsticks.  Yunhong has an amazing selection of chopsticks in a very small space. You can buy your everyday utility chopsticks for around $4 a pair, but you can also spend a lot on beautiful hand carved rare wood chopsticks. The walls are filled with sets of chopsticks with rests and matching pairs for a wedding couple or gifts. You can buy a… Read More

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Chinatown – Manhattan – Pearl River Mart

Pearl River Mart (395 Broadway) Pearl River Mart has moved a couple of times since I have lived in NYC and the current space takes up a couple of floors on Broadway and Walker, just a block below Canal Street. They have been around since 1971 and have locations at the Museum of Chinese in America and Chelsea Market as well.  This is the place to go for Chinese slippers, Chinese styled jackets in beautiful colors, bowls and housewares, fun snacks and traditional Chinese foods and teas. The lower level is filled with statues, toys, curtains, fabrics and incense.   … Read More

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Chinatown – Manhattan – Aji Ichiban

Aji Ichiban (37 Mott Street) Looking for snacks and candies? Well, this is my favorite place to check out something unfamiliar, unusual and/or interesting. So many different palate pleasers. Like jerky? You can get beef, pork, fruit  and various fish varieties of jerky. If you are up for something unusual they even have jerky cubes for some of the fish. Keep in mind that even my cats wouldn’t eat them, but you never know how you are going to feel about it. And considering you buy by weight here, give something unexpected a try. The section I try something new… Read More

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