Fruit Vendor
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Miracle on 34th Street – Fruit Vendor

In NYC you will often find Independent vendors selling fruit and vegetables from carts every day of the year. They set up their carts on a corner, usually the same one year after year and try to have the freshest produce you can find. Many of them are immigrants supporting families and have gone through a licensing process or are working for other cart owners so the carts can run more hours. This cart owner has been at the corner of 34th Street and 2nd avenue for over 5 years. He is there 6 days a week, no matter the… Read More

Do You Think Big?
NYC by the Movies

Miracle on 34th Street – Think Big Sculpture

The Think Big sculpture sits on 34th Street staring into the sky. It is located in front of 222 E. 34th Street at The Anthem (a luxury apartment building). The sculpture is by Jim Rennert. He hopes to inspire everyone who works hard every day to achieve their dreams and goals with this fun piece of art. The sculpture has been in a few places in the city including Union Square, but sits on 34th Street for the forseeable future. If you see this 12 foot tall sculpture, take a picture and upload it with the hashtag #DoYouThinkBig  You can… Read More

Clover Deli on 34th street
NYC by the Movies

Miracle on 34th Street – Clover Deli

Clover Deli is a remarkably Old-school, ’40s-era deli & bake shop selling sandwiches, coffee & cookies, cakes & pastries. It sits at the corner of 34th Street and 2nd avenue, southwest corner. It has the original neon sign. Walking in is a bit like walking into a time capsule with a bit of modern refrigeration. You can smell the cakes and cookies. The guys working there were friendly, poured a pretty good cup of coffee and were asking pretty reasonable prices for items in that area. I can see myself stopping in when I am in the area and if… Read More

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Miracle on 34th St – St Vartan Armenian Cathedral

St. Vartan Armenian Church at 34th Street and 2nd Avenue was built to resemble was built to resemble the Saint Hripsime Church in Etchmiadzin (Vagharshapat). The church opened in 1968 and includes two unique features distinct to Armenian architecture: the use of double-intersecting arches and a pyramidal dome soaring 120 feet above street level. There are various symbols of the church around the inside dome, but outside you can see the beautiful stained glass windows just below the dome. These windows depict scenes in the life of Christ and early Christianity in Armenia. The patron saint of the cathedral, St. Vartan, is shown fighting the Persians who… Read More