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Ready to go zip lining in the Bronx?

When one thinks of zip lining through the trees Costa Rica or Belize generally come to mind. The Bronx is usually not one of the first places associated with this type of activity. That is, until now.

The new zip line and aerial ropes course are now open at the Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure.

At this zip line you step off a platform 50 feet off the ground and fly 400 feet across the Bronx River. You then get to repeat this process for your return trip to the other side.

Another challenge awaits you at the Ropes Course. There are a total of seven different courses. Two are for beginners, two for intermediate, two for experts and the black course is for experts. You might want to start off slowly here if you are new to the sport.

Of course safety is taken very seriously and all participants must meet weight and height requirements. Everyone is required to watch a safety video and complete a training course before trying the courses. Lastly, every guest will be wearing a safety harness.

The zip line and ropes courses are located at the zoo’s Bronx River entrance. Tickets are separate from zoo admission.

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