Do You Think Big?
NYC by the Movies

Miracle on 34th Street – Think Big Sculpture

The Think Big sculpture sits on 34th Street staring into the sky. It is located in front of 222 E. 34th Street at The Anthem (a luxury apartment building). The sculpture is by Jim Rennert. He hopes to inspire everyone who works hard every day to achieve their dreams and goals with this fun piece of art. The sculpture has been in a few places in the city including Union Square, but sits on 34th Street for the forseeable future. If you see this 12 foot tall sculpture, take a picture and upload it with the hashtag #DoYouThinkBig  You can… Read More

NYC by the Movies

Chinatown – Manhattan – Pearl River Mart

Pearl River Mart (395 Broadway) Pearl River Mart has moved a couple of times since I have lived in NYC and the current space takes up a couple of floors on Broadway and Walker, just a block below Canal Street. They have been around since 1971 and have locations at the Museum of Chinese in America and Chelsea Market as well.  This is the place to go for Chinese slippers, Chinese styled jackets in beautiful colors, bowls and housewares, fun snacks and traditional Chinese foods and teas. The lower level is filled with statues, toys, curtains, fabrics and incense.   … Read More