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Chinatown NYC – wrapup

To paraphrase that famous line from Chinatown “It’s Chinatown, Jake”. The visits were fun. The food was amazing. The experiences varied. Manhattan’s Chinatown is set up for tourists to visit. You can take tours, you can wander by yourself. Either way you are going to see something new and if you have a sense of adventure, try something new. Flushing Queens Chinatown has been a mecca for foodies for years. These dining halls are immense. You can find one down almost any hallway or any side street. They vary in tourism friendly from “Glad you are here” to “why are… Read More

NYC by the Movies

Chinatown – Brooklyn – 56th to 58th Street

Mudflow Tea House Bubble Tea   5602 8th ave This tea shop had a clean, modern look. The tea is fresh and the Matcha comes from Japan. The frappes are very filling. The Brown Sugar Milk teas are served upside down so you can see the items flow and mix together. The Mocha Mud Frappe is a wonderful blend of coffee and chocolate! This is the only location at this time. If you are going, let me know, I’ll come along. I want to try the Panda Coffee. Dragon Bay Bakery 57-11 8th Ave You can only drink so much tea… Read More

NYC by the Movies

Chinatown – Brooklyn – 50th to 55th Street

Macao Imperial Tea 54-01 8th ave I went into this tiny store front and ordered the seasonal “Pink Girl” iced tea. This was frothy and sweet. There was no description, sometimes you just have to order by name. It turned out to be a blended strawberry milk tea with a fresh strawberry puree. It was pretty filling. Macao does a series of seasonal teas.  Right now they do have one of the VERY popular brown sugar milk teas that are popping up at many tea shops. They have locations in Brooklyn, Flushing Queens, K-Town in Manhattan and soon in Chinatown… Read More