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Joseph Mason and Ernest Von Au, “The Candy Men”

Mason and Von Au had a factory that manufactured Mints and Candy Bars as Mason, Au and Mangenheimer Candy in 1885 at #20 Henry Street, at the NW corner of Middagh in Brooklyn. The company was founded in 1864.

By 1880 Mason and Au were joined by Emil Zollinger, and the name changed to Mason, Au & Zollinger. Two of their most popular candies were Mason Peaks, a coconut-chocolate combination (like Mounds) and  Mason Mints, a chocolate-covered mint patty (like today’s Peppermint Pattie). Mason also made Dots, a fruit or cinnamon-flavored gumdrop, and Crows, a licorice-flavored gumdrop. Both are still distributed by Tootsie Roll, which acquired Mason in 1972.

The original factory building in Brooklyn Heights was converted into luxury housing.  The building owners have restored the original painted signs on the side of the building.

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Truman Capote and his memoirs of Brooklyn Heights

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Truman Capote, an author who is most famous for his novels Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood, lived in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, from 1955 to 1965.

Besides the aforementioned titles, he also wrote a short autobiography called Brooklyn: A Personal Memoir, about the neighborhood. The book begins with the line, “I live in Brooklyn. By choice.”

Although he was fond of the years he lived at 70 Willow Street, it wasn’t so much “by choice”. At the time, he needed a cheaper place to live than Manhattan. The owner of the magnificent 1839 house and a friend of his, rented him the basement apartment.

The photos of Capote in Brooklyn and in the house were taken in 1958 by David Attie. Those photos were lost for many years. When they were found, they were published along with his memoirs. Capote gives us precious insight in to what it was like to live in Brooklyn Heights in those years. No visit to Brooklyn Heights can skip a look at the magnificent house, which was recently renovated and sold for millions of dollars. We can tour that!

If you would like to see the home where Truman Capote live and explore Brooklyn Heights, We Can Tour That! Contact us at: wecantourthat.com


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