Sweety Shop Brooklyn
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Sweety Shop – A shop full of Sweet things

There are 2 Sweety Shops  in Brooklyn on 8th Avenue. One is at 53rd street and the other at 60th street on 8th Avenue.  They both have so many sweet things. Small wallets with cute characters, diaries with keys and cute characters on them, slippers with cute characters on them, purses, bags, shirts with cute characters on them, you get the idea. This shop is just adorable. A pre-teen girls dream shop. I loved that they had pencil cases, I didn’t even realize they really made those anymore. And they had cute characters on them. Unfortunately, they did not allow… Read More

end of 8th avenue
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Chinatown – Brooklyn – 59th to 64th Street

The final stretch of 8th Avenue in Brooklyn’s Chinatown brings more tea and plenty of amazing desserts. Tsaocaa Tea 773 59th street This tea shop was beautiful. Clean lines, modern look, a fair amount of seating. It is just off the Avenue (towards 7th Ave) so it is a bit quieter. Walk up the stairs, grab a seat and enjoy a lovely well brewed cup of tea. Tiger Sugar 5903 8th ave A tea shop with a 45 minute wait for a cup of tea? I went by during their opening week in Brooklyn and they were releasing the Brown… Read More

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Chinatown – Brooklyn – 50th to 55th Street

Macao Imperial Tea 54-01 8th ave I went into this tiny store front and ordered the seasonal “Pink Girl” iced tea. This was frothy and sweet. There was no description, sometimes you just have to order by name. It turned out to be a blended strawberry milk tea with a fresh strawberry puree. It was pretty filling. Macao does a series of seasonal teas.  Right now they do have one of the VERY popular brown sugar milk teas that are popping up at many tea shops. They have locations in Brooklyn, Flushing Queens, K-Town in Manhattan and soon in Chinatown… Read More

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Chinatown – Brooklyn – 40th to 50th street

The northern part of 8th Avenue has a few stores for the community like laundromats, hardware stores and dollar stores. The bustle of the area closest to the subway station has not reached here. I had walked a long way (sometimes I just wander) and wanted something to drink. At 46th street on 8th Avenue I came across The Lorax. A small corner shop advertising frozen yogurt and smoothies. I loved the name so I stopped in. The store was set up like a 16 Handles, you got a cup and filled it with frozen yogurt from one of the… Read More