Historic, but not famous

Eliphalet Williams Bliss, manufacturer, inventor

By E. W. Bliss Co. - http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/imagedetail.aspx?id=4302, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26396971Eliphalet Williams Bliss (April 12, 1836 – July 21, 1903) was a manufacturer and inventor who established the E. W. Bliss Company of Brooklyn. His company supplied the US Navy with Whitehead and Bliss-Leavitt torpedoes, as well as projectiles for its naval guns during the Spanish–American War, World War I and World War II. He was born in NY and attended public school. Eventually he moved to Connecticut to work at a gun factory.

After fighting in the Civil War, he married and moved back to Brooklyn where he worked for a printing company. In 1867, Bliss founded the machine shops which would become the E. W. Bliss Company. Bliss had many patents, many his own inventions; machines for manufacturing and soldering metal cans and for shaping and casting sheet metal. Bliss’ company also supplied part of the material used in building the Brooklyn Bridge.

When Bliss died, the E. W. Bliss Company’s plant covered eighty-five city lots and employed 1,300 men; in 1884, it was the largest factory in the world.

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