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Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is possibly one of the most beautiful interiors in NYC.  It covers 48 acres and has 44 platforms, more than any other railroad station in the world. The first building opened in 1871, the current Beaux-Arts style building was completed in 1913.

The building was proposed to be town down to make way for more office tours, but was luckily saved through the efforts of many citizens of NYC including Jackie Kennedy. Today this building stands as one of the great landmarks in this city.

You can do so much more than just take a train to Connecticut or Upstate NY from here. The main concourse is worth looking at with its ceiling painted with constellations, the four sided clock with the largest opal clock faces in the world, the balconies…

And there there are the restaurants, the market, the whisper tunnel, the shops, the people watching and so much more.

Want to see what makes Grand Central Station so amazing? We Can Tour That…so let us take you inside and explore. Contact us:

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The Whisper Tunnel at Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is an amazingly beautiful building that deserves a visit for so many reasons, but one of the most fun reasons is the Whisper Tunnel.

Located right outside The Oyster Bar is an interesting area with great tiles and arches. If you stand in looking into the corner and a friend stands opposite you looking into the corner, you can hear each others whispers.

Beautiful, fun and right next to a classic NYC restaurant. How could you not want to try it out?

If you would like a guide to show you through the terminal, let us know. We can tour that with you. Contact us at:

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