Queens Midtown Tunnel
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Miracle on 34th St – Queens Midtown Tunnel

The Queens Midtown Tunnel connects Manhattan and Queens just off of 34th Street by going under the East River. There are 2 lanes of traffic going each way and are about 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) long each. The Queens–Midtown Tunnel was originally proposed in 1921, the plan resurfaced in 1926 and was finally approved in 1929. They started exploring plans and engineering options while also looking at the possibility of building a bridge instead of a tunnel. The project was now expected to cost $93.6 million, including the $23.5 million alignment under the East River and within Queens. Construction was… Read More

East River
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Miracle on 34th St – East River

At the end (or the beginning, depending on what direction you are heading) of 34th Street is the East River. This river runs between the island of Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens, which are on the far West edge of Long Island. The East River isn’t actually a river, but a salt water tidal estuary. Since that is a lot to say, we call it the East River. It connects Upper New York Bay on its south end to Long Island Sound on its north end. The river is about 16 miles (26 km) long and and 600–4,000 feet (200–1200 metres) wide. The… Read More

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Chinatown NYC – wrapup

To paraphrase that famous line from Chinatown “It’s Chinatown, Jake”. The visits were fun. The food was amazing. The experiences varied. Manhattan’s Chinatown is set up for tourists to visit. You can take tours, you can wander by yourself. Either way you are going to see something new and if you have a sense of adventure, try something new. Flushing Queens Chinatown has been a mecca for foodies for years. These dining halls are immense. You can find one down almost any hallway or any side street. They vary in tourism friendly from “Glad you are here” to “why are… Read More

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Chinatown – Queens and Brooklyn – Toofy Duck

Yes, we are adults, but we are still attracted to bright colors and fun cartoon characters. So when we saw a bright yellow sign with an odd looking duck on it, we had to go. This was right across the street from the Main Street subway. We came out at Main and Roosevelt and it was across the street on Roosevelt. When we stopped to look, we had no idea what we were up against. Luckily it was all pretty great tasting. Toofy Duck is a chain of franchise food stalls that serve some pretty interesting and spicy items. There… Read More