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The Dakota Apartments – First Luxury Apartment Building in New York

Lauren Bacall, Leonard Bernstein, Roberta Flack, Judy Garland, Boris Karloff, John Lennon, Rudolf Nureyev, Yoko Ono, Jack Palance, Gilda Radner, Jason Robards … Do any of these names sound familiar to you?

All of them have something in common: They lived or live at the Dakota Apartments, a building from 1884 that was designed by the same architect as The Plaza Hotel (1907). The building was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976, three years after John Lennon and Yoko Ono moved in.

The Dakota was supposedly given its name because at the time of construction, the Upper West Side had very few residents.  Many joked it was as remote in relation to the inhabited area of Manhattan as the Dakota Territory was. 

The arched main entrance is large enough for the horse-drawn carriages that once entered and allowed passengers to disembark sheltered from the weather.

Sadly the Dakota is known as the location of John Lennon’s murder in 1980.

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