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Chinatown – Brooklyn – 56th to 58th Street

Mudflow Tea House Bubble Tea   5602 8th ave

This tea shop had a clean, modern look. The tea is fresh and the Matcha comes from Japan. The frappes are very filling. The Brown Sugar Milk teas are served upside down so you can see the items flow and mix together. The Mocha Mud Frappe is a wonderful blend of coffee and chocolate! This is the only location at this time. If you are going, let me know, I’ll come along. I want to try the Panda Coffee.

Dragon Bay Bakery 57-11 8th Ave

You can only drink so much tea before you need to sit down and have some food. I went to Dragon Bay Bakery. It might be the hot spot for desserts and birthday cakes in the area. I had a Tiramisu Green Tea cake. A very thick and sweet green tea “pudding” with a green tea cake. And it was adorable.

MM Tea Cafe 58-05 8th Ave

If you are looking for a full  menu as well as tea and a place to sit down and relax, MM is probably a good bet. It was full when I went through and I had just had a Tiramisu Green Tea Cake. It is on my list for the cooler months when I don’t want to just walk around drinking tea.

YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea 773 58th street

They also have Brown Sugar tea, which seems to be the very hot item in Chinatown right now. The fruit teas are very fresh and vibrant. There is a location in Flushing also. Both locations are off the main streets, but worth the stop in. To the right is a YiFang Fruit Tea and a Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea. Both were delicious.

Gong Cha 5723 8th Ave

This tiny food stall with room for less than 5 people served Mochi Waffles. They also have a huge variety of tea styles for such a tiny space. This chain started in California. There are about 15 throughout the NYC area. Many of them are larger than the 8th Avenue location.


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