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Chinatown – Brooklyn – 59th to 64th Street

end of 8th avenue

The final stretch of 8th Avenue in Brooklyn’s Chinatown brings more tea and plenty of amazing desserts.

Tsaocaa Tea 773 59th street

This tea shop was beautiful. Clean lines, modern look, a fair amount of seating. It is just off the Avenue (towards 7th Ave) so it is a bit quieter. Walk up the stairs, grab a seat and enjoy a lovely well brewed cup of tea.

Tiger Sugar 5903 8th ave

A tea shop with a 45 minute wait for a cup of tea? I went by during their opening week in Brooklyn and they were releasing the Brown Sugar Boba series of tea. They limited the crowd to 6 cups of the tea per person. Since I am a New Yorker, I tend to not wait in line for things. I will try this next time I am in the area. It is about a block from the subway station.

Earnest Tea 6008 8th ave

A tea shop on the same block as the subway and it has bathrooms. They also serve food, including Bento boxes, Oden, and Jianbing (scallion pancakes).

Ice Cream Mario at Kulu dessertsKulu Desserts 806 62nd street

You can see this place from the subway stop if you look hard enough. It is a thin little shop, wide store front, shallow space. Head right out of the subway station and cross the street. Plenty of beautiful desserts to try and all the expected types of tea from fresh brewed to milk teas. The ice cream is served with fresh fruit in a sauce that is quite intriguing.

Kam Hing Bakery Coffee Shop 6307 8th ave

This very old school looking coffee shop is located in the Fei Long Market, with an entrance on 8th Avenue. This is the Brooklyn outpost of a pretty well known bakery in Manhattan. This branch carries the sponge cake the bakery is known for, but less flavors than the other branches. Nice place to sit for a while and watch the crowd go by.





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