The largest of the Chinatowns in New York City is in Flushing, Queens, about 3 miles from LaGuardia airport.

This Chinatown was started by mostly Mandarin Chinese speakers as an off-shoot of the Manhattan Chinatown, but has grown to be the most diverse of the Chinatowns. It is the largest Chinatown by size outside Asia and one of the largest and fastest-growing Chinatowns in the world. You can find people from every area of China here and the food they have brought with them. Many people in the stores and restaurants speak a large amount of English. As the area becomes more traveled by non-Chinese speakers, the businesses have adapted and are quite accommodating.

The most active streets here are Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue which cross just above the 7 Subway train Main Street station. You will find a bustling community of people. I have been there on multiple days, morning and afternoon, and have never not found the streets to be full of people. There are plenty of street vendors around selling everything from sheets to fruit, but we came here for the food courts.

A food court in a Chinatown is a version of the food courts you may find at a mall, but of course, these all concentrate on Asian food. There are dozens of food courts throughout the Flushing area, but I am going to feature 4: Queens Crossing, Super HK, New York Food Court, and New World Mall. Each had its own feel and look. There are food stalls that appear in more than one of these, but the variety in each is quite amazing. You could eat 2 meals a day in a couple of these and not duplicate a stall for over 2 weeks.

So follow me on my bloated food journey (I ate too much, the food was amazing) through Flushing Queens food courts.

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