Hong Kong Supermarket (157 Hester Street)

A supermarket? One of the coolest supermarkets in NYC. Need fresh fish? They have that. A unique sauce you haven’t been able to find for that Asian inspired recipe? They have that. Durian or Dragon Fruit? Of Course that is there!  Noodles, sauces, mushrooms for dinner? Find it in aisle… Hmmm, the organization of shelves is a bit odd for someone used to an American grocery, but the wander is very fun. You’ll eventually find it, just enjoy yourself while looking for it. 

If it can be pickled, canned, pasted, it is there. 

You can find ingredients for items from almost any Asian influenced meal, not just Chinese. There is a sushi counter, medicinal teas from around the Asian continent, vegetarian options, unique beverages and a great (and very large) candy section. 

Take your google lens with you, some things just don’t have any English on them at all. Most signs are also written in Chinese. The check out lines are long, but pretty fast. And they often snake through the candy aisle, so you have time to make a selection. 

Take a basket, you are going to get more than you thought you might. Visit the lower level, often filled with personal products and candy.


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