Yunhong Chopsticks (50 Mott Street)

New York City is filled with specialty shops. There are stores that only sell pencils, cookbooks,  buttons, hot sauce, the list goes on. One of my favorite specialty shops in Chinatown is Yunhong Chopsticks. 

Yunhong has an amazing selection of chopsticks in a very small space. You can buy your everyday utility chopsticks for around $4 a pair, but you can also spend a lot on beautiful hand carved rare wood chopsticks. The walls are filled with sets of chopsticks with rests and matching pairs for a wedding couple or gifts. You can buy a set for everyday use or something to go with your place settings of china. Chopsticks with characters on them for kids. Learner chopsticks that are connected. They sometimes come in ornate boxes or with carrying cases.

Besides the variety of chopsticks in beautiful wood, they also carry hand made silk fans, hair pins, wooden spoons, and bookmarks. 

I’ve planned a meal around being able to use my new chopsticks.

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