Zuyuan in Chinatown

Zu Yuan Spa (48 Mott – 2nd floor)

I am a walking tour guide. I usually walk 5+ miles a day. I am up and down stairs constantly and leading people through some amazing sites in New York City. All that can take a toll on your feet. I have great shoes, but sometimes you just need a little TLC for your feet (or back, shoulders, body).

Zu Yuan Spa gives foot massages. Not those cute little rub downs you might get with a pedicure, but real serious foot massages. The massage is very deep and they also do Reflexology. I have had foot massages there that were painful while they were happening, but once it was done, I felt so great I could walk a few more miles.

I was hesitant to go as my feet can sometimes be ticklish, but I had an extreme flare up of plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the fibrous tissue along the bottom of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes) on my left foot during my very busy season and needed relief I wasn’t getting from stretching or aspirin. This helped so much.

The Reflexology portion pointed out some areas that I may need to work with in my body, look at taking care of some of my internal organs a bit better, by changing my diet or some habits. They were also able to give me a bit of menopause relief. Even if very temporary, it was a great reprieve.

I have two favorite foot massagers there, but I have never had a bad massage.

As one reviewer said on Facebook: “Do yourself a favor and stop in for a foot massage. It was like putting on new feet!”

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