To paraphrase that famous line from Chinatown “It’s Chinatown, Jake”. The visits were fun. The food was amazing. The experiences varied.

Manhattan’s Chinatown is set up for tourists to visit. You can take tours, you can wander by yourself. Either way you are going to see something new and if you have a sense of adventure, try something new.

Flushing Queens Chinatown has been a mecca for foodies for years. These dining halls are immense. You can find one down almost any hallway or any side street. They vary in tourism friendly from “Glad you are here” to “why are you here”. On a first visit, especially if you don’t speak any dialect of Chinese, visit the more accessible ones that I have listed here. The later you go, the more stores are open.

Brooklyn’s Chinatown is a place for the neighborhood. They’ll be polite, but they aren’t expecting you. Be polite, be adventurous, be patient if you stop by.

After everything I ate and drank, I don’t think the neighborhood Chinese restaurant delivery will work for me anymore. This introduced me to flavors and textures I just can’t get near home. Even though the trip takes a while from my home in Brooklyn to Flushing, I will head there again, maybe near Chinese New Year, hopefully sooner.

Lists of articles

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