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Chinatown – Queens and Brooklyn – Toofy Duck

Yes, we are adults, but we are still attracted to bright colors and fun cartoon characters. So when we saw a bright yellow sign with an odd looking duck on it, we had to go. This was right across the street from the Main Street subway. We came out at Main and Roosevelt and it was across the street on Roosevelt.

When we stopped to look, we had no idea what we were up against. Luckily it was all pretty great tasting.

Toofy Duck is a chain of franchise food stalls that serve some pretty interesting and spicy items. There is one in Brooklyn on 8th Avenue and 2 in Flushing Queens, one on Roosevelt and one in the New World Food Court.

We tried the duck tongue and the Bean Curd Bamboo. Duck tongue is chewy and has a small bone. Everything here is on the spicier side. I would eat there again. This was really fun and gave us a chance to get the day started with small amounts as you can buy by the piece. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver to my house.

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