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Chinatown – Queens – New World Mall

The New World Mall is possibly the most famous of the Food Halls in the Flushing, Chinatown area. It is located at 136-20 Roosevelt Avenue. It took us a couple tries to find this. We kept trying to enter through a Main Street entrance, but wonders await if you go in the right entrance.

This is huge. There are over 30 food stalls in here. The area is bustling with crowds and lines. You can find Chinese food from various regions, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese foods. The selections are plentiful, maybe too plentiful. I could have spent a whole day trying to eat my way through the options.

We decided on 2: Jumbo Takoyaki and Spicy Korean Rice Cakes.

We had Jumbo Takoyaki at Fresh Mojoilla.  These were served in ball form. We had ours with Wasabi Mayo. What is in Takoyaki balls? Takoyaki batter is made from flour, egg, and dashi stock. The batter is filled with cooked and diced octopus, finely chopped scallions or green shallots, Tenkasu, and pickled ginger. Tenkasu is the crunchy bits left from tempura. This was great, but quite smoky in taste. They were also very filling. This was one of the last stops of the day, so I was moving slowly, but up to the challenge.

Honestly, I’d eat these again. There were other topping options, so why try just one? There are serving options of 4 or 6 balls, so share with someone.

We had Spicy Korean Rice Cakes with noodles at Eight Beautitudes. This had a pretty good heat and the rice cakes had an interesting texture. The noodles had a nice bite and were very filling. I would try other meals at this stall or one of the others.

Depending on the time of day (it was very crowded) and what I was looking for, this would probably be the food court I would try first. Very English speaker friendly. Lots of options for the adventurous. Plenty of seating, clean bathrooms, clean dining area.


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