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Hearst Tower

The Hearst corporation has been around since 1887, growing from newspapers to magazines and television. The headquarters in NYC was originally built in 1928 at a cost of $2 million. This original building was saved and a newer 46 story headquarters built inside of it in 2008.

The Hearst headquarters was one of the first “green” office buildings in NYC. The floor of the atrium is paved with heat conductive limestone. Tubing is embedded under the floor and filled with circulating water for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Rain collected on the roof is used in the cooling system, to irrigate plants and for the water sculpture in the main lobby.

85% of the building’s structural steel contains recycled material. Overall, the building has been designed to use 26% less energy than the minimum requirements for the city of New York, and earned a gold designation from the LEED certification program council.

AND the Good Housekeeping kitchens are in there!

We would love to introduce you to Hearst Tower and the surrounding neighborhood. If you are interests, We Can Tour That! wecantourthat.com

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