There are 110 colleges and universities in New York City and many are near midtown Manhattan. DeVry College is on 34th Street and Madison Avenue. The midtown location offers undergraduate and graduate classes in business, technology and health care.

The college was started by Dr. Herman DeVry, the inventor of the first portable motion picture projector, in 1931. He believed that visual learning would not only advance education, but change the world.

The 24 story building was built in 1927. The building, formerly known as the “The Lingerie Building” was historically the premier building for lingerie tenants in New York City.

The lobby of the building was restored to its original grandeur in 2015 by the current owners of the building. The L-shaped lobby features marble walls, terrazzo flooring, elaborate plaster ceilings, and decorative arches.

The building is all office and education space. Besides DeVry, NYU also has space in the building.

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