VR World

VR WorldOn 34th Street, steps from the Empire State Building, sits VR World — an immersive experience in which users are “teleported” into a 3D World.  The users wear VR gear, usually a headset that covers the eyes and ears and have “experiences” that wouldn’t be available to them from where they are.

The experiences include music, sports, adventure and art. One of the fastest growing VR games is Beat Saber. You slash through boxes to the beat of the music playing. You can find hundreds of videos of people playing this on youTube. Some of them are really really good. And the music is fun.

VR World has over 50 different games/experiences on 3 floors (https://vrworldnyc.com/experiences-3/). You can buy a 2 hour or all day pass. It might be the perfect day when it is cold or rainy.

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