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Our tours are PRIVATE for up to 10 people. Contact us to set up a time. All tours can be given on your schedule, as long as the venue is open.

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NYC by the Movies

Welcome to the blog here at We Can Tour That. We will be using favorite films to explore this amazing city.

The film doesn’t need to take place in New York City, but it will inspire us to take a look at something in the city.

We will look at a different film every month and the parts of the city we were inspired to explore. If we see a great dance film, we may look at places to dance throughout the 5 boroughs, a film about dogs may inspire visits to dog parks and a film about a chef might send me to some of my favorite places to eat.

I hope you enjoy the blog. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. If you would like to explore the city, contact us about a tour. We do walking tours for between 4 and 20 people.

Thank you for visiting.

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