Sweety Shop Brooklyn

There are 2 Sweety Shops  in Brooklyn on 8th Avenue. One is at 53rd street and the other at 60th street on 8th Avenue.  They both have so many sweet things.

Small wallets with cute characters, diaries with keys and cute characters on them, slippers with cute characters on them, purses, bags, shirts with cute characters on them, you get the idea. This shop is just adorable. A pre-teen girls dream shop. I loved that they had pencil cases, I didn’t even realize they really made those anymore. And they had cute characters on them.

Unfortunately, they did not allow pictures. Also, very few people in the shop spoke English, so if you go, just be prepared to shop without question. If you don’t see it in the size or color you wanted, chances are you will go without or take someone that speak Mandarin with you. This was a bigger issue in the 53rd street store than in the 60th street store. 

There are no shortage of shops selling charactered products, but this had more items concentrated in a single small space than any of the others I went into and the people who worked there did attempt to be helpful, despite the language barrier. If I had to get a gift for a young girl, I would head back here right away. And the make up section had a great selection of eyeliner. 

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