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Our tours are PRIVATE for up to 10 people. Contact us to set up a time. All tours can be given on your schedule, as long as the venue is open.

Unique Guided Walking Tours in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Customizable for your group.r y

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Three Bridges Tour - Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO Brooklyn

Three BridgesFour HoursFive NeighborhoodsSix Miles. If you want to see NYC, the best way to do it is to walk. We’ll walk over the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and learn a bit about the neighborhoods they connect. This is Read more…

Ask A NYC Tour Guide - favorite places in Manhattan

In this episode the guides talk about their favorite neighborhood in Manhattan. The guides goes from South to North on the Island, just like it was settled!

ASk A NYC Tour Guide - Asian and Middle Eastern Food Episode

This episode we talk about some great Asian and Middle Eastern food options in NYC. You can get food from every area of the world here. Take advantage when you can. Now seems like a great time to put together Read more…


To paraphrase that famous line from Chinatown “It’s Chinatown, Jake”. The visits were fun. The food was amazing. The experiences varied. Manhattan’s Chinatown is set up for tourists to visit. You can take tours, you can wander by yourself. Either Read more…

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