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Our tours are PRIVATE for up to 10 people. Contact us to set up a time. All tours can be given on your schedule, as long as the venue is open.

Unique Walking Tours in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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Central Park in Autumn

One of the most beautiful places in New York City is Central Park. I enjoy no time there more than the Autumn. I can hear Mel Torme singing Autumn in New York when I am there. This video is a Read more…

Ask A NYC Tour Guide - Favorite Places in Brooklyn

IN this episode of Ask a NYC Tour Guide we talk about our favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn. I hope this inspires you to explore outside of Manhattan when you visit.

Ask A NYC Tour Guide - tour guide in Quarantine

How you can help Artists, First Responders and Restaurant workers and me talking about my first trip to NYC in 1988.

Ask A NYC Tour Guide - tour guide in Quarantine

What is it like to grocery shop in Brooklyn during a Pandemic?

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