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Welcome to We Can Tour That! We offer tours throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn and we can customize a tour for you. Let us know how we can help you discover more about this amazing city.

Chinatown – Queens – Super HK

The SuperHK Food Court sits downstairs from the SuperHK grocery store. This huge grocery store is on Main Street. You can find ingredients galore and plenty of packaged noodles (we picked up a few Ramen packs we were curious about), sauces, vegetables (fresh, frozen, canned) and teas among other items. Walk downstairs (there are 2 entrances from the grocery store) to find about 20 food stalls. We had dumplings here. Dumpling Galaxy hopes to go National, but this is a small counter with about 100 different types of dumplings. You can see the woman hand-making dumplings behind the counter. We… Read More

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Chinatown – Queens – New York Food Court

New York Food Court was one of our first food court experiences. This is on Roosevelt Avenue about 3 blocks from the Main Street subway stop for the 7 train. The food court has over 20 food stalls. We knew we wanted to try a variety of items, so we settled on a place that did things on a stick. Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles did a lot of really fun items besides noodles.┬áNot only was there an amazing variety of items that were small and shareable, but almost every construction worker in the food court was ordering from this stall.… Read More

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Chinatown – Flushing, Queens

The largest of the Chinatowns in New York City is in Flushing, Queens, about 3 miles from LaGuardia airport. This Chinatown was started by mostly Mandarin Chinese speakers as an off-shoot of the Manhattan Chinatown, but has grown to be the most diverse of the Chinatowns. It is the largest Chinatown by size outside Asia and one of the largest and fastest-growing Chinatowns in the world. You can find people from every area of China here and the food they have brought with them. Many people in the stores and restaurants speak a large amount of English. As the area… Read More

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Chinatown – Manhattan – Zu Yuan Spa

Zu Yuan Spa (48 Mott – 2nd floor) I am a walking tour guide. I usually walk 5+ miles a day. I am up and down stairs constantly and leading people through some amazing sites in New York City. All that can take a toll on your feet. I have great shoes, but sometimes you just need a little TLC for your feet (or back, shoulders, body). Zu Yuan Spa gives foot massages. Not those cute little rub downs you might get with a pedicure, but real serious foot massages. The massage is very deep and they also do Reflexology.… Read More

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